Pomodoro Technique

This technique has saved my academic life time and time again. By cutting out distractions and helping me focus on the task at hand, while also allowing breaks, I can honestly say this technique is the way to go. 

As a sophomore of in high school, surrounded by technology, I admit it. My attention span is awful and no where near the same as one who was born 20 years ago. However, I do my best to combat this by finding techniques that work for me. It is “a major key” to being productive; as we all know, productivity is what leads to greatness.

The History:

The Pomodoro technique was developed by Francesco Cirrilo. For those of you who know Italian, you’re right! “Pomodoro” does, in fact, mean “tomato” in Italian. Cirrilo named his technique after the tomato shaped timer he had  while in university. His goal was simple: to complete tasks in the least amount of time necessary. By breaking down an assignment into multiple,  manageable parts, working on them, while having breaks in between, boosts efficiency and productivity. The method is simple and requires pure discipline. 


  1. Chose task(s)
  2. Break down task(s) into multiple parts with a core focus. 
  3. Set time for 25 minutes and turn off all distractions
  4. Once timer rings, take a 5 minute breaks
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have completed a “Pomodoro” (4 cycles)
  6. Take a 15-30 minute break and start again (if needed)

It is important to note that any distraction will cause “the Pomodoro” to fail. This includes a text message, an email, a friend, a parent – any distraction puts “the Pomodoro” in jeopardy, unless it can be postponed until later in a quick and simple manner. 

The Advantages:

By sticking to these intervals, you are increasing your focus and ability to concentrate; this is a skill that developing now will, figuratively, save your life. Not only will this technique help boost your productivity, but it will help you figure out how much time a certain task requires. A task that used to feel as if it took a lifetime, can now be marked with a specific amount of time, allowing you to have a better image of when you should start. All in all, this will combat procrastination, the demon we all deal with. 

There are plenty of other productivity techniques anyone can use if this does not work. I personally love the structure, and organization of “the Pomodoro.” It is almost a challenge to complete at least one cycle per day. It is the sole reason why I am still a functioning human; who doesn’t love to function? 

I hope you get some use out of “the Pomodoro.” Let the Rory Gilmore in you shine! Feel free to comment your results, or any other techniques/ tips you have that will help boost productivity, happiness, or anything relating to positivity! 😀

Much love,
Dariana Mia ♡


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